Labels, translations and new library

Labels? Which labels?

Labels were introduced a long time ago in and they were usable in the corkboard only. There was no possibility to search for cards on the corkboard with a specific label or any other kind of related functionality. In other works: Except of the colorful badges they were a little bit useless. Useless until they arrived in the sidebar in version 0.26. From now on it’s possible to put labels to chapters and scenes and they’re synced with the corkboard automatically. The new filter functionality makes it easy to find related entries in the sidebar and even the search for multiple labels in parallel is possible. If you have a long list of different labels the search will help you to find the correct label. If you don’t want to list the labels in the sidebar you can deactivate them with the Labels button above the chapters list.

You can create own labels or change the colors in the labels editor
Labels are in sync with the corkboard cards

Additional auto-save intervals

Autosave is helpful to sync your content in the background. When the battery on the mobile phone runs out of power you will not lose all your content of the scene. The selectable values are 1, 2 and 5 minutes but sometimes you don’t even need it so often. Now 10 or 15 minutes are supported as well. If you don’t need autosave, you can disable it totally of course in the editor settings.

New library interface

The new library interface makes it cleaner to navigate through your books. The main color was scaled down to a small block and makes space for the upcoming custom covers. Additional information like the total number of chapters, number of words and the last update helps you to stay organized and track your progress.

The new library gives you a better overview and has space for upcoming custom covers

Community translators

A long time only English and German translations were available for the App. A special thanks here goes to Oscar who was the first community translator of the app. He was very happy with the service and created a full spanish translation for Gianna was the second translator and extended a few spanish labels and added a full italian translation to the app. To honor the great community they got an own section in the profiles page and I want to say thank you to both of you!


More to explorer

New website online

Today a new version of the website was released. This improvement makes it possible to provide some upcoming functionality like the multi-language

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