New modules, custom covers and editor settings

Recently, there have been some exciting innovations in the app again. In addition to some improvements, two new modules have also found their way into the editor – in addition to the highlights, the comprehensive tables module. With the new Media Gallery you can now upload your own images and the settings have also been cleaned up. Subscriptions are now usable with your account on all platforms.

New editor modules arrived

From the very beginning, the editor was a main component of the app. Now some new modules have been added, such as tables, highlights and the general speed of the editor has been improved.

The new tables help to better present data in your book. They save you the hassle of aligning text with appropriate spacing. Use the tables with the appropriate new tools to add or remove individual cells and rows.

With the new Highlight module you now have the possibility to highlight certain parts of the text. This makes it easy if you want to reconsider some parts of the text later or if you want to adjust something. Use the module also in combination with the labels, which you set in the sidebar and by which you can filter later.

Custom book covers

One of the long-awaited features: custom book covers. With the new Media Gallery you can now upload and manage your own images, which you can then set as individual book covers. You can use the new Media Gallery both on your PC and on your smartphone. Either select existing images from the gallery or upload images directly from your camera. The images are then automatically available on all your devices.

Improved editor settings

With the new settings for the editor, it is now even easier to customize the toolbar to your own needs. Just click on the appropriate modules you need for this book and create more space on your screen for your content. The settings are per book, so you can choose which modules you need for your novel or textbook.

Cross platform subscriptions

With Cross-Platform Subscriptions you can now use your subscription on other devices such as web browsers. All you need is a subscription on one device and you can use it on all other devices where you are logged in with your account. This means that you can now also use premium features in the browser when you are working on your laptop, for example.


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