To use all the features on all devices you need the account to have access to your books. We do not send any kind of marketing email or something like that and the data is not forwarded to any partner or other service.

Yes. The basic account is completely free. You don’t have to enter credit card details or other payments. Only a name (this can be your alias as well), your mail address and a password is required and you can use the basic functionality of the app for writing and export.

We offer an optional in-app purchase on a monthly base. This one will help MyStory.today to get servers and infrastructure paid.

You can reset your password. A mail with a link will be sent to your account’s mail address.

Partly. Old user accounts which are not used for more than 18 months are deleted without any notice. When you’re using any monthly paid plan, your account stays active while the subscription is active. You always have the possibility to export your characters and scenes as a backup for yourself while the account is active.

No. You should focus on your texts instead of looking at any ads.


MyStory.today is a software for authors. Write your own novel, short story or screenplay on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


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