Your first book

After login you'll see your library. By default it's empty and it will contain all your new books. In the library you can switch into books and write content for them. Each book has it's own scope so you're not able to use characters or places from another book.

The library

Help MainScreen

(1) On the library you can see the main menu bar with the link to your profile. There you can adjust your profile settings.

(2) This is the display setting. There you can change the layout how your books are listed within your library.
* List view: A simple list of all your books. Uses less space on the screen
* Book view: Books are displayed bigger and are colorized

(3) With this button you can create a new book

Create the first book

To create your first book, press on the plus button (3) of the previous screen and enter the new title of your book

Help MainScreen CreateNewBook

After this you can see your new book. Click on the book to step into it and write your first chapter.

Help MainScreen FirstBook