expands data network

 Richard    21 Sep 2019
 None    Infrastructure

To prevent downtimes, uses additional data centers in Germany and Sweden

Currently uses a data center located in Nuremberg, Germany to store the needed data. This is a single point of failure because there is a downtime when the hosting provider upgrades the infrastructure or security updates on machines are needed and causes a planned downtime like this one in January or last year in August. And unplanned outages appears, when services crash or network infrastructure is down. This didn't happened very often in the last year but there was an outage of 6 hours on September 21 this year.

To prevent these problems in the future expands to multiple server locations in Germany and Sweden. The data center in Nuremberg will be kept and two additional locations are included in the new network now: Falkenstein and Helsinki.

So when the data center in Nuerenberg is offline for example you can continue with your work seamlessly and automatically with one of the other data centers. This prevents a downtime in the future for the whole service.