Version 0.7.0 released

 Richard    11 Jun 2018
 Release    Release


New labels and polished interface

Version 0.7.0 is available for Android and iOS today. The new labels helps you to organize your story outline on the corkboard and the whole interface was polished to improve the usability of the app.

The biggest feature of this release are the new labels. You can add labels to your corkboard cards to get a quick overview of the status of your chapters and scenes. The idea behind the corkboard is a quick story outlining and with the labels things become much easier. By default there are three predefined labels on each book Idea, Draft and Done.
You can add multiple labels to each card on your corkboard so you can customize the existing entries or add your own. The main navigation of the app was extended and you find a new entry called "Labels" in there. On this new view you can manage all of your labels, like the name, the order and the color.

The corkboard cards for your chapters and scenes now have an edit mode, which allows you to edit the content only if you enabled it. In the last version it was easy to change order of the cards accidentally so this changed in the current 0.7.0.

And the last improvement is the polished interface. The account settings are always visible on the top right of the application and the left sidebar is collapsible with a floating button on the bottom left instead of the button in the app header. The icons changed in the navigation to make the current position more understandable. The corkboard opens by default now.