Website launched

 Richard    09 Jun 2018
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First version of the MyStory website is online

After a few weeks with a minimal version of the website and a few technical decisions the brand new website was released today.

First of all the design was polished and is usable on mobile phones as well as on bigger screens like on tablets or laptops. It's important that you can find all the information quickly and don't have to scroll around until a navigation bar appears. In the sidebar there is now a quick overview about the software with download-links to the Play Store and the App Store.

The social media links are more promoted right now because we love to get some feedback so feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook (and of course you can stay up to date). You also can use our new forum to discuss some of our app features, report bugs or request new features. The accounts of the website and the App are not connected yet so you have to create a new account here on our website to use the forum. Login with Facebook or Twitter makes the registration process easier for you so we'd like to see you here on board. More content on the features page is coming soon - so stay tuned.