Version 0.19 released

 Richard    26 Jul 2020

Editor auto-save, more compact editor view, backup-restore quota and clean up button

WebsiteWith version 0.19 several improvements were made to the editor. First of all the long awaited auto-save arrived in this release. This was a community wish based on a poll made a few weeks ago on Facebook and Twitter. Nearly all participants voted for "auto-save" so here we are: Bye bye save button! (Not completely, you can still save your texts when you want, but you don't have to anymore). Together with this feature the new compact editor arrived in this version as well. Especially on small devices the editor takes a lot of less space than before and can be expanded to use some more advanced editor features like lists, indentation or other small format options and helpers. When you need the space again you can collapse the editor toolbar and continue writing. So you don't have to toggle the full-screen-mode all the time.

0 LocalBackups ImprovementsThe old backup-and-restore module got a small update as well. From now on you the backups of texts are limited so they won't eat too much space on your phone. A small indicator shows how many backup texts are saved currently and you've got the possibility to delete all of them with one single click (or tap). This makes it easier to keep your phone clean from not-needed data.

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