With the feature-rich editor you can easily create your book. Your own novel, poems, lyrics, your short story or screenplay. Use different styling for the design and dynamically integrate your characters and sceneries into your text. The integrated word counter shows how much you have already written.


With the characters, you bring your book to life. Create single persons and plan your figures with a short description, which gives you a quick overview over the character at any time. In the detailed description you write down the person with detailed characteristics, such as age, height, hair color, preferences or relationships with other persons.


So that you can plan and manage all places and areas, the integrated space editor offers you the possibility to see and edit all the places in the overview.


If you want you can export your book to Libre Office Writer or Word to have a backup by yourself.


MyStory.today is a software for authors. Write your own novel, short story or screenplay on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


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