is a powerful cross-platform text authoring software. focused writing and trouble-free switching between devices. You can jot down notes on your mobile when you’re on the move and then switch to your laptop to continue working on your project without any manual export or effort. All features are equally available on mobiles, tablets and laptops without any restrictions.


The outline helps you keep track of your project. It lists all the chapters and scenes in your project. Labels also help you organise and keep track of your current work. Local backups of text can also be viewed from here.

Text editor

The heart of the software is the text editor. You use it to write your text, format your scenes, and even link characters and locations into your text. If you later change the name of a character or location, it will be automatically updated in all your scenes. You can customise the toolbar icons and enable/disable individual modules in the preferences.


Labels provide a comprehensive view of your book project. Generate labels and allocate them to the relevant scenes. The labels are visible in the scene, corkboard and outliner interfaces. You can drag and drop labels into the label area of each scene or click the “Add label” text next to the title.

Characters & places

The Characters and Places module allows you to easily keep track of the places and characters that appear in your book. You can also link them directly in the Editor, so you can change their names later and everything will be automatically updated in your book.