Version 0.16.0 released

 Richard    24 Nov 2019
 None    Release


Cleaned up profile page

One of the first modules in the app was the profile page. In this release the page was cleaned up, more space was added between the entries and the buttons are more visible now. To change the language for example you have a new edit icon on the right side of the menu entry to change your user interface language (English or German is available). The account delete button is more prominent but hopefully you never need him.

Version 0.15.0 release

 Richard    20 Nov 2019
 None    Release

Simplified up login process

Version 0.15.0 is a very small release and simplified up the login process. From now on it's easier to log in with your mail address or create a new (guest) account.

Version 0.14.0 released

 Richard    19 Oct 2019
 None    Release

Usability improvements

Version 0.14.0 brings you various usability improvements

* New chapters are opened automatically
* Scroll positions in the sidebar for chapters, characters and places are saved
* New icons on collapsed chapters in sidebar
* Better feedback when creating chapters / scenes
* Label editing is fixed available in Amazon Appstore

 Richard    19 Oct 2019
 None    App is available for FireHD and other devices now

Release day for Amazon App Store Users. The app is available for FireHD and other devices with an Amazon Appstore now. In the future all upcoming versions are released there as well in sync with the Play Store and App Store.

Version 0.13.0 released

 Richard    15 Oct 2019
 None    Release

A very small release with a few improvements

Version 0.13.0 is released and it's a very small release. Some translations were fixed and a warning for guest accounts are added when they try to log out. The app rating dialog shows the correct content now as well.